Graham Foundation Grant for "Nothing out of the ordinary" at the Art and Culture Center (Casa de Todos Annex) in La Palomera, Caracas Venezuela

The Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in Fine Arts awards Enlace Foundation a grant for the project "Nothing out of the ordinary" at the Art and Culture Center (Casa de Todos Annex) in La Palomera, Caracas Venezuela"

"Nothing out of the ordinary: a space for art, celebration, acknowledgement and sancochos in the barrio La Palomera" is a cultural project consisting of art, music, workshops and celebrations, created together with the community that take place in a dilapidated structure in the barrio La Palomera that is being progressively renovated and transformed into a center for art and culture.

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Elisa is awarded the Lucas Artists Fellows in Visual Arts for 2019 – 2022

Elisa Silva is selected among the 33 Sally and Don Lucas Artists Fellows of the Montalvo Arts Center in California, in recognition of her work focused on raising awareness of spatial inequality and efforts to integrate barrios into broader urban dynamics through public space interventions. She will pursue research on the formal characteristics of exisitng public space in the barrio La Palomera.

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Graham Foundation Publication Grant

Elisa Silva received a Grant from the Graham Foundation for the project "Pure Space: public space transformations in Latin American informal settlements." The grant represents a significant contribution to support the book´s publication and awards it with the prestigious honor of forming part of the Graham Foundation´s sponsorship that enjoys a wide network of alliances and avenues for dissemination.

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CABA Cartography of the Caracas Barrios 1966-2014 receives the Andres Bello Award

The Board of Directors of the Simón Bolívar University Association of Professors awarded the Andrés Bello Award for Research and Publication in Social Sciences to "CABA Cartography of the Caracas Barrios 1966-2014" and the professors Elisa Silva, Henry Vicente, Lorenzo González Casas and Orlando Marín. The awardreconnizes research work published within the last two years.

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X Salon Malaussena prize

Enlace Arquitectura received the X Salon Malaussena prize in the Urban and Environmental Design category for the Citi Foundation project “Planting cities” in collaboration with FUDEP.
Enlace Arquitectura was also awarded in the publication category for CABA Cartografía de los barrios de Caracas 1966-2014.

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