• La Ermita

    Madrid - España


La Ermita

This Project is an urban research endeavor to better understand the current stock of housing, commercial space and amenities that exist in a certain location in the city of Madrid. The study also determined pedestrian distances with respect to public transportation, parks and educational facilities. The research area include 4 neighborhoods: Imperial, los Carmenes, Puerta del Angel y San Isidro and a surface area of 555.34 hectares.

Using geographical information systems GIS and Google Maps, the mapping exercise determined building heights, area, land use, population and density. Total housing area reaches 66.032.285 m2, distributed in 84.836 apartments with an occupation index of 1.41 m2/per- The total commercial area is 498.491,09 m2 with a commercial index of 4.17 m2/per. And the total office area is 649.910,5 m2 with a commercial index of 5.43 m2 / per.

La Ermita La Ermita La Ermita La Ermita La Ermita La Ermita La Ermita

Area: 6.032.285 m2 | Contest position: NULL | Client: Grupo SSA | Team: Enlace Arquitectura & Gustavo Romanillos | Photography: Enlace Arquitectura